1.  All packages/deliveries are subject to the size and weight limitations of vehicles and service type, as amended
from time to time by Turner’s Express.
A. Straight Trucks:   weight = 15000 lbs.

B Cube Van:   weight = 3600 lbs.

C Cars:   weight = 300 lbs.

2.  Blood, urine and other non-infectious liquid diagnostic specimens will be accepted only when shipped in a sturdy
outer container* with a sealed, watertight primary receptacle placed inside of a sealed, watertight secondary
receptacle. Absorbent material must also be placed inside of the secondary receptacle. NOTE: Regulated infectious
substances must be shipped in the appropriate legal packaging.

3.   If multiple primary receptacles are placed into a single secondary receptacle, it should be wrapped individually to
ensure that contact is prevented. The absorbent material, such as gauze or cotton wadding, must be sufficient to
absorb the entire contents of all primary receptacles. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that proper
packaging is used.
*Sturdy outer packaging constructed of cardboard/corrugated fiberboard, wood metal or rigid plastic is required.
The sturdy outer packaging must be larger than 7 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 2 inches in depth.

4.   Unacceptable packaging includes - but is not limited to - Styrofoam(TM), plastic bags, paper envelopes and
paper tubes. We will refuse to accept packages/deliveries not meeting these or any other federal requirements.

5.  "Dangerous Goods" and dry ice, except as permitted under the
Dangerous Goods section of the Terms and
Conditions .

6.  Multiple-package deliveries will be accepted as one piece only when the shipment is stretch/shrink-wrapped or
banded together to form a single handling unit. For purposes of our limit of liability, a single piece stretch/shrink-
wrapped and banded pallet constitutes a single handling unit.
7.  Accessible "Dangerous Goods" cannot be shipped.

8.   We will accept pieces weighing more than 100 lbs, which otherwise comply with our Terms and Conditions .
General restrictions for all Turner’s Express services as listed elsewhere in this Service Guide also apply. The
following items are restricted and may not be acceptable for shipment by Turner’s Express:
• Firearms
• Fireworks
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Tobacco Products
• Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials (except dry ice*)
• Money, Cash, Coins, Currency, Paper Money, Endorsed Stocks, Bonds and Cash Letters
• Live Animals (Birds, Reptiles and Fish) NOTE: Edible food (lobsters, crabs or other types of live fish/shellfish) for
human consumption is not prohibited.
• Human Corpses and/or Cremated Human Remains
• Packages/Deliveries that require us to obtain a federal, state or local license for their transportation.
• Packages/Shipments that may cause damage or delay to equipment, personnel or other packages/shipments.
• Gaming devices, such as lottery tickets, where prohibited be federal, state or local laws.
•   Packages/Shipments whose carriage is prohibited by law, statute or regulation of the state in which the
package/shipment may travel.
• Used hypodermic needles and syringes or medical waste.
*Dry ice packages/shipments prepared in accordance with IATA do not require a Shipper's Declaration, and there is
no special handling fee for transporting dry ice at this time. However, dry ice must be specified when placing an
order.   All dry ice packages/deliveries require the proper marking and labeling. Turner’s Express is not required to
add dry ice to packages/deliveries in its system.

1. No more than ONE type of service may be indicated per package/delivery. If no service is indicated, we will
assume that your package/delivery requires the most expedient service available at the time.
2. Turner’s Express will only accept packages/deliveries of firearms when either the shipper or recipient is a licensed
manufacturer, licensed importer, licensed dealer or licensed collector, and is not prohibited from making such
shipments by federal, state or local regulations when these conditions are met.
Firearms may not be sent C.O.D. Upon presenting the package for shipment, the shipper is required to inform
Turner’s Express that the package/delivery contains a firearm. Firearms may not be shipped in one complete piece.
When tendered for shipment, the firearm must be rendered "inoperable", either by removing the firing pin in the gun
and disconnecting the barrel, or by some other means so the package/shipment does not contain a completely
assembled, usable weapon. The outside of the package/shipment should bear no label, marking or other written
notice that a firearm is contained within. This includes the abbreviation of the name of the shipper or recipient, if the
name would clearly indicate that the package could contain a firearm. Firearms and ammunition may not be shipped
in the same package/shipment. Ammunition is always an explosive and must be shipped as "Dangerous Goods".
The shipper and recipient are required to comply with all applicable government regulations and laws, including
those pertaining to labeling. The local division office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) can
provide assistance with the packaging and shipment of firearms.

3.   Turner’s Express will not under any circumstance accept fireworks for shipment.

4.   Turner’s Express will accept alcohol shipments (wine, beer and hard liquor) when BOTH the shipper and
recipient are either a licensed wholesaler, licensed dealer, licensed distributor, licensed manufacturer or licensed
importer subject to all applicable state laws.

•  Tobacco products will be accepted only when shipped from a licensed dealer or distributor to another licensed
dealer or distributor. Packaging should be pre-approved by Reliable Runners prior to shipping. Any failure to use
pre-approved packaging releases us from any liability that we would otherwise assume. (See Liabilities Not
Assumed  for more details.) Regulations may vary from state to state.
•  Plants and plant materials (seedlings, plant plugs and cut flowers) must be shipped in accordance with applicable
state and federal laws. Packages/Deliveries containing these items may be inspected by government agencies,
which may result in a delay in delivery. We are not liable or responsible for damage, refunds or credits resulting from
delay of these packages/deliveries by federal, state or local government agencies. Packaging should be pre-
approved by Turner’s Express prior to shipping. Your failure to use pre-approved packaging release us from any
liability that we would otherwise assume. (See Liabilities Not Assumed for more details.)
•  Fragile Articles/Orientation:

A.    Packaging for all fragile articles, including - but not limited to - electronic and electrical devices, scientific testing
equipment, fragile glass, crystal, porcelain or china, should be approved by Turner’s Express prior to shipping or we
assume no liability for such packages/deliveries.
B.   We do not provide special handling for packages/shipments bearing the labels "Fragile", "Refrigeration
Required" or orientation markings, such as "UP" or "THIS END UP" arrows.
C.   Fluorescent tubes, neon lighting, neon signs, x-ray tubes, laser tubes, light bulbs and flat panel display screens
(all types). Due to the extremely fragile nature of these items, shipping is discouraged using Turner’s Express. We
assume no liability for these items if damaged in transit.
D.   Scale models, including - but not limited to - architectural models or doll houses, are classified as inherently
fragile items and shipment is discouraged using Turner’s Express. We assume no liability for these items if damaged
in transit.

8.   Perishables

9.   Meat, fish and poultry packages/deliveries can be shipped only in accordance with applicable state and federal
laws. The shipper is responsible for ensuring compliance with these laws. Failure to use pre-approved packaging
releases us from any liability for spoiled perishables that we would otherwise assume. (See
Liabilities Not Assumed
for more details.)

10.   Dangerous Goods (See
Dangerous Goods for more details.)

11.   Shipments of over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals will only be accepted when tendered in
accordance with applicable federal, state or local laws. The shipper is responsible for compliance with all applicable
laws. Pharmaceutical packages/deliveries should bear no label, markings or other written notice that a
pharmaceutical is contained within. Proper packaging, such as cotton or other appropriate packing material, should
be used in order to protect the contents of the package/delivery.
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