• Subject to the terms and conditions listed in Program Rules.

• Shipments must be tendered and delivered on a pallet.

• Maximum pallet dimensions 48" x 40" x 60" (height inclusive of pallet). Maximum weight is
2,000 pounds per pallet.

• Pallet rates apply on individual shipments with a maximum of 6 pallets per shipment.

• Any shipment over 8 pallets will not be accepted on the TE Pallet Program rates.

• Rates apply from origin state (listed on the top of the chart) to destination state (listed on the
left side of the chart).

• Turner's Express Standard LTL Fuel Surcharge will apply in addition to the rates listed.

Rates listed are stated in U.S. Funds.

Turner's Express liability will not exceed $1 (US Funds) per pound.
Pallet Rules
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