Shipping Crate
Vermont Barrel shipping
Woonsocket, Newport, Providence and Westerly
  • Many empty Fiber and Plastic barrels in stock
  • We pickup from Residential and Commercial locations
  • YEAR ROUND Caribbean shipping for Rhode Island
  • Jamaica, Belize, Dominica, St Kitts and many more
  • We also serve Maine and New Hampshire
We ship to the Caribbean, Central and South America. We ship from a small
box to a 40' container.

Ranked the best shipping service between New Jersey and New England

Our service extend from New Jersey to all of New England. From beautiful
Bar Harbor, Maine to the Ski Resorts of Vermont and New Hampshire. We
are a complete shipping company.
Caribbean Islands
We provide full cargo shipping service to Anguilla, Antigua,
Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Cayman Islands,  
Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica,
Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, United
Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, US and UK Virgin Islands and
many more!
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Grenada shipping
Jamaica shipping
Barbados shipping
Guyana shipping
Trinidad shipping
Dominica shipping
St Lucia shipping
Belize shipping
US Virgin island shipping
Peace of mind Caribbean Shipping
With 28 agents across the Caribbean region, Turner's Express aim is to
provide you with the most seamless shipping solution to the Caribbean.
rhode island caribbean shipping
rhode island shipping
Very Important Information!
Turner's Express always reserve the right to
refuse any package we think is unsafe, illegal or
not properly labeled.
  • Use locks on barrels even thou we provide seals free of cost. More security the better! Double check seal numbers before accepting.
  • Customers MUST clearly mark shipper and receiver's FULL name and ADDRESS on ALL ITEMS being shipped.
  • Shipper and Receiver will be held responsible for illegal items found by customs at receiving port of entry.
  • Making your barrel or box too heavy will increase the chance of damage goods. Observe posted weight limits.
  • Ship EARLY during peak seasons to avoid delays in the receiving country.
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Have something in Rhode Island you want to ship to the
Caribbean region? Turner's Express is your Caribbean
shipping solution. We ship from Appliances, Cars, Crates,
Barrels, Boxes to just about anything that is non hazardous. If it
fit on a truck we can ship it to the Caribbean. We also provide
20' and 40' container service to anywhere in the Caribbean.
Anywhere in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area
Jamaica $100 ea.
Dominica, Trinidad, Barbados and St Lucia $167 ea.
Additional charge for some areas
We also ship boxes and other items
77 gallon
22" x 22" x 44"
Max 400lbs
77 gallon
23" x 23" x 44"
Max 250lbs
Palletized freight, Large crates
Vehicles, Machinery
20' containers and 40' containers